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It's good to travel with friends to Thailand

  If you like island, then come to Thailand. If you want to travel, then come to Thailand; if you like luxury hotel, then come to Thailand; if you are a freshman, then come to Thailand. Have been to Thailand travel too many people, the quality is also different. There are high-end private island villas. Thailand is a long history of the Buddhist state, this is known as the "white elephan...

av weihai — 24 maj 2017 08:49

Thailand tourism must taste the food

Thailand cuisine internationally renowned, whether it is spicy taste or relatively light, can capture a large number of supporters. The main four Thai cuisine, tastes mostly sour, respectively northern Thai cuisine, cuisine, Thai cuisine, North East and Thailand cuisine, Thailand Sifang reflects different geographical and cultural, and around the use of ingredients often with neighboring countr...

av weihai — 9 maj 2017 08:34

Want to travel to Thailand

Thailand is one of the most important tourism countries in Asia, and the charming tropical style and unique Buddhist culture of Thailand Wat Haw Pha Kaew are the important factors to attract tourists. Thailand is a long history of the Buddhist country, this is called "White Elephant Kingdom" beautiful country, has its own unique cultural traditions and ethnic customs, such as festivals, rich an...

av weihai — 5 maj 2017 04:39

Thailand tours - How to have fun in Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island is one of the most famous offshore island in Phuket Island. There are sunshine and soft sand and green water. PP island is a place to be worth touring to Thailand . Introduction: Phi Phi Island consists of Phi Don Island and Koh Phi Le Phi Island Phi. It is one of the national parks in Thailand. Phi Phi Don Island area larger. Here are the main focus of Hotel hotels, restaur...

av cocovince@yahoo.com — 12 apr 2017 08:03

Thailand tours-Chalong Temple

To travel to Asia , you will be tangled where to choose. Today, I will introduce the attractions of Thailand --Chalong Temple, I hope it can help you.   The Chalong Temple is located in the middle of Phuket Island. And The Chalong Temple is the largest Buddhist temple of the Phuket Island. Most of the people who visit here are local Buddhists. The status and influence of Chalong Temp...

av cocovince@yahoo.com — 10 apr 2017 08:05

Amphoe Pai- the valley town of Northern Thailand scenery

If you want Thailand tours in order to relax, Amphoe Pai must be the most correct choice. Amphoe Pai is a quiet and elegant town. There are not so many Thai style temples. It just a small corner of the world in the valley of the green, but it is an attraction for artists and musicians. The most attractive spots are all kinds of special buildings designed by artists in Amphoe Pai. Cute and p...

av cocovince@yahoo.com — 4 apr 2017 08:52