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From the travel we can learn a lot

Travel, is how people like it, it can make you interrupted every day, then mortal trivia, ordinary life is temporary relief. Tourism, enjoy the landscape and feel the customs around, not only to develop emotions, growth knowledge, and self-cultivation, understanding and interpretation. It is: "three miles away from home, not the country wind". Only to go out to enjoy the natural fun, so that th...

av weihai — 22 maj 2017 08:54

Whether there is the idea of going to Brunei tourism to read this article

There is a country in the world, the biggest trouble is: "No trouble!" This country is - Brunei. Brunei is located in the south of the South China Sea, in Southeast Asia, their home oil reserves and production second only to Indonesia, ranking second, is one of the richest countries in the world. Not much land area, only 40 million population, but the beautiful scenery, play things are also v...

av weihai — 19 maj 2017 09:22

best places to visit in singapore in 3 days

If you decide to visit singapore, You will lose all the unhappy. Trip to Singapore Wherever he goes, a tourist in Singapore will see a world of trees and an ocean of flowers. Do you want to explore the mystery of the night in the zoo? Singapore Night Zoo is the best choice. The zoo is the world's first shelter for night animals. In the light of the moonlight, you walk in the broad rain forest ...

av weihai — 12 maj 2017 09:47

What you want to do in myanmar

In front of the mandelewuben bridge, enjoy the most beautiful sunset.Uben bridge is a hundred years of history of the ancient bridge, the whole bridge structure of teak is also the world's longest, is everyone will go to the ground in Burma. When uben bridge is the most beautiful sunset, sunset, gentle Twilight Saxiang calm Dongta Mann Lake pedestrian bridge, constitute a beautiful streams of p...

av weihai — 10 maj 2017 05:34

places to visit from singapore

Universal Studios Singapore is located in the world's highest investment, the most abundant family top tourism destination resorts World Sentosa, it will launch 24 rides and attractions, most of the attractions as a world-class creative highlights or specially for Singapore's tailor-made, called a masterpiece and a universal studios. Singapore Botanic Garden covers an area of 54 hectares. It i...

av weihai — 5 maj 2017 08:51

cambodia holiday packages

National costume-loving people, you can buy us Homo sapiens. Us Homo sapiens do the cloth belt and hat, made of cotton and silk, both color and style are very rich can buy. In the market, you can see the painted engravings of Angkor, and mock statue of Angkor on the wall and so on. There is also trafficking in Cambodia, such as traditional dance music audio cassette. Representative of Cambodia'...

av weihai — 3 maj 2017 04:03