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The Classification of ultrafine mill

The ultrafine mill is mainly classified into a cylinder ultrafine mill and disc ultrafine mill two categories. (A) Cylinder ultrafine mill The cylinder ultrafine mill belongs to the early pelletizingequipment used in pelletizing plant. Its structure is similar to that ofcylindrical mixer used in sintering plant; a scraper is installedparallel to the cylinder wall within cylinder and water devi...

av Richarder — 19 aug 2017 04:44

Mining Machinery Industry should Value the Independent Brand

According to the current condition of our country, we must insist on two strategies ways to ensure the quick development of mining industry: First, we should combine the existing cooperation mode with foreign mature design and production technology. Second, tread the large enterprise as the backbone, the mining industry should break a national rejuvenation road for the mining machinery. Mining ...

av Richarder — 18 aug 2017 03:53

Ultrafine mill machine in the maintenance of the quality requirements

1. Locating the positioning pin with its working length should be with the two parts of the hole surface to meet the requirements of contact, to ensure positioning. 2. The main components in the premise of ensuring the correct position should be fastened and reliable; ultrafine mill fixed joint surface should be tight contact, under normal circumstances 0.04mm feeler can not go. 3. Mobile parts...

av Richarder — 17 aug 2017 04:55

the local transmission part of the vertical reducer

the local transmission part of the vertical reducer, vertical drive shaft. By the vertical drive shaft to drive the active grinding wheel rotation, and the drive shaft to the grinding plate without a bolt, no bearing, smooth operation, to solve the traditional part of the ultrafine mill often replace the bearings, bearings, sleeve problems. the host host using negative pressure work, the produc...

av Richarder — 16 aug 2017 04:49