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Rapid Development Momentum of Sand Washing Machine

Due to the low starting point and late development of sand production line in China, there has been a gap between the opportunities with foreign technology. After decades of development, domestic science and technology as well as economic strength have increased sharply in China, which shortened the technology gap between China and foreign-made sand washing machine. Opened our eyes to the world...

av Richarder — 25 sep 2017 11:11

Principles and Factors Influence the Sand Washing Machine

The mine sand washing machine is a principal technical-economic index for the mining machinery industry. In order to confirm the mine sand washing machine, our experts list here several main principles and factors as follows that will help to improve the mining industrial development. 1.Matching principle: the mine sand washing machine and the mine service life should be matched with the ore re...

av Richarder — 23 sep 2017 04:36

Increased Energy in China Will Affect the Sand Washing Machine Industry

The higher uptake of renewable energy by new import markets such as China could pose a major financial risk for the global sand washing machine mining industry, according to a new report by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis. Its said that this report is a wake-up call to global investors and industry, establishing the uneconomic basis of international sand washing machin...

av Richarder — 19 sep 2017 04:55

Sand Washing Machine is the Optimal Limestone Crusher

The limestone can be directly processed into stone and fired into the quicklime. Lime and the limestone are generally used as the building materials as well as the important raw material for many industrial lime productions. Most of the materials need crushing to create good conditions for the next process of pre-homogenization, storage, batching, grinding, drying and transport. There are many ...

av Richarder — 16 sep 2017 04:53

How to Design Sand Washing Machine Grate and Impact Plate

The sand washing machine has high productivity, small energy consumption, safety use, easy maintenance and wide range of applications. When design sand washing machine we need to pay particular attention to the design of wearing parts, including hammer, bearings ,grate bar, impact plate; this paper mainly describes the design of grate and impact plate. Grate is a set of steel bars of equal size...

av Richarder — 15 sep 2017 09:21