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This blog will show you steps: XTOOL PAD2 calculate Chevy Onix pin code easily! Tips: XTOOL X100 Pad 2 not only can read pin code and program key for many cars, but also has SPECIAL functions! How XTOOL Scanner X100 Pad 2 read GM Chevrolet Onix pin code? Connect XTOOL X100 Pad 2 Pro tablet with Chevy Onix OBD2 port. Power on the device. Go to “Immobilization&rdq...

av Likaibin — 2 feb 2020 06:23

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One XTOOL X100 Pad2 user turned to us for help that his new XTOOL PAD2 failed to activate. When he filled in the info, the tablet screen shows “input is invalid: invalid Email, please input the right address” and then “This device still not be activated, please active it so that you could update the APP and the diagnostic software” with a black screen. The cus...

av Likaibin — 2 feb 2020 06:18

Xtool X100 PAD2 Ingen tillräcklig lagringslösning

Problem: Jag har gjort återställning men har fortfarande inte fått tillräckligt med lagring på  xtool x100 pad2 . Någon hjälp att fixa problemet? Lösning: X100 pad2  har totalt 9,1 GB lagringsutrymme och får inte utöka lagring via SD-kort. 1) Försök att återställa X100 pad2 och ta bor...

av Engoule — 9 jan 2020 09:40

OBDSTAR X300 DP Full vs Xtool X100 Pad2 Full

“Hello. I need a advice regarding the two tools Xtool x100 pad2 full and Obdstar x300 DP full. i can not decide myself which one to choose. both of them got almost same function,but i don”t know which one does what says. so please someone who own them or who works with them can light me up. i saw that both have function for immo 4 and 5 but they really work. thanks” Xtool x10...

av piros365 — 15 sep 2017 09:24