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Air Jordan 32 Low REVIEW: A Comprehensive Comparison to the Mid

I always want to test out and review as many shoes as I can since every single player likes different types of shoes. Some like lows, some prefer the mids or even the highs. Today, we got a low top version of the Air Jordan 32 to the test. This will be a quick review detailing all the differences from the Mid, which I already made a review on. I’ll talk about the shoe’s tech s...

av newtruckspring — 11 maj 2018 11:09

Air Jordan 32 Performance Review

The Air Jordan 32 Mid and Low have been wear-tested for our latest performance review. Traction – The Air Jordan 30 and 31 disappointed many that played in them from a traction standpoint — especially compared to the 29 and 28 that came before them — but the 32 switched things up and used rubber that actually gripped the court. Not only did they grip the court, but it gripped...

av newtruckspring — 29 sep 2017 05:32

Look at the air jordan 32 deconstructed

The Air Jordan 32 ‘Rosso Corsa’ releases later this month and today we’re taking look at what it’s made of. The Air Jordan 32 is one of the more anticipated models that we at kd10sale.com can’t wait to play in and that’s because it seems to offer a little bit of everything. Large Zoom Air units, found beneath the forefoot and heel, measure 11mm thick and 13...

av newtruckspring — 15 sep 2017 11:08