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The special Clinton-themed issue

Hillary Clinton to guest-edit December issue of Teen Vogue magazine Hillary Clinton will guest-edit one of the last print editions of Teen Vogue, the magazine has announced. On the anniversary of her election loss to Donald Trump, Clinton announced she would edit the Volume IV issue of Teen Vogue, which will include pieces about her childhood best friend, Betsy Ebeling, and her daughter, Chel...

av seizeoka — 13 nov 2017 03:32

That’s going to be important to Square

Square’s dominant year hits a snag Square’s gross payments volume, a critical metric for the company’s health and success, continued to rise year-over-year as it looks to go up against other payment providers and accrue a big share of payment volume. In fact, the growth year-over-year for its GPV has been pretty consistent, hovering around a 31% jump year-over-year on ea...

av hiloper — 13 nov 2017 03:28