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How To Update VVDI PROG software by link

Xhorse VVDI PROG Programme Feature: 1. The built-in update software allows user to update VVDI Prog firmware timely. 2. High-speed USB communication interface enable the software automatically connect. 3. Smart operation mode: the possible causes of error will be listed 4. Reserve ports: for future update. 5. The self-test function enable you check if the machine works well. 6. Can supply powe...

av piros365 — 8 jan 2018 10:25

JMD Handy Baby Program Toyota Camry 2009 4C Chip All Keys Lost

Here’s little guide on programming  Toyota Camry 2009 4C Chip key by JMD handy baby key copy machine when all keys lost. The tutorial was provided by a Chinese locksmith.   Step 1: Read EEPROM data Disassemble ECU Open immo box and find CPU chip 93C56 Read chip 93C56 eeprom data with Xhorse VVDI Prog and save data as bin format Step 2: Program key Con...

av piros365 — 24 nov 2017 07:23