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On PUBG Skins a PC with a mouse

It tends to change, drop and even at its best is only 30fps. On PUBG Skins a PC with a mouse it might be deeply infuriating (as a few players with less than leading rigs will inform you) but on mobile with the slow controls and slower players it's less of a deterrent. What I really wish was better is that the sound. The sound is just trash, with incredibly compressed audio clips that even if p...

av rsgolecuicui — 29 apr 2018 04:28

In some ways that's the PUBG Skins

In some ways that's the reverse of what we see on PC and consoles, where Fortnite is broadly accepted since the better-performing of those two games. (Which is better or more PUBG Skins entertaining remains up for discussion.)   There is one thing which PUBG does on cellular which Fortnite is still learning: It feels like an actual mobile game.   Fortnite is billed as a ...

av coolrsgole — 27 apr 2018 03:16