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How to install TIS2000 on XP or win7 8 32bit or 64bit

This article is available how to install TIS2000 on machines other than WinXP Pro. 18110615415584263071 Window 64bit or 32bit 64-bit versions of Windows contain backwards compatibility with 32-bit applications, but not with 16-bit applications. And 32-bit versions of Windows are backwards compatible with 16-bit applications. The problem with installing TIS2000 on newer machines is ...

av Likaibin — 24 feb 2020 12:11

Tech 2 GM Chinese clone

Has anybody used one of these Chinese knock offs GM Tech 2 Scanner to troubleshoot the BCM on the 1996 OBD2 Vettes?I am wondering if it can cycle the ABS pump, diagnose air bag module among other things.The price is reasonable around $350.00 and if it doesn’t last that long at least it’s cheaper than the thousands I would pay for a used Tech 2 original.Thanks! Answered by...

av Likaibin — 2 dec 2018 05:17