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The Wars in Atlas

Atlas originated around the scene just as among the harshest MMO levels in years. ARK originators released their MMO which had adventurers, islands, and all forms of crazy tools for players to combat it out. Although, the societies are building up on either side inside a war that stares analogous to EVE Online. Within a wild reflect of kindness, three terrific guilds from Chinese people have r...

av sheliasmithson — 12 feb 2019 09:21

Atlas rains whales, once more

Pirates have when again confirmed themselves incapable of civil behaviour, as salty early access survival sandbox Atlas has been hit by ne'er-do-wells dropping terrible whales as well as other oddities all over the world - for the second time inside a week. Although Thursday's whale of a time was down to a "compromised" admin account, as outlined by developers Grapeshot Games, Sunday's cetacear...

av sheliasmithson — 23 jan 2019 08:28