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Innovation Of Screw Elevator

In the vast majority of customers we contacted, the Screw Elevator was initially understood as a "downsized version" of the public elevator. It certainly isn't! This is our big misunderstanding when buying a screw elevator, the reason for the screw elevator transformation, and the service life. For more than 15 years, the faults are high, there are hidden safety hazards, the elevato...

av otsealex — 18 dec 2019 03:58

Flexible Screw Elevator Installation

Secret work, trustworthy Each product of otse Screw Elevator is very particular about material selection, component configuration, and structural design, in order to achieve better coordination between components and parts, components and appearance design, and the building as a whole, thereby improving the safety, quality, and service of the elevator. Comfort. Preferred configu...

av otsealex — 11 dec 2019 03:20