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Improvement Of Led High Bay Technology

The world’s leading shopping malls have successively banned most of the incandescent lamps, encouraging customers to find environmentally friendly alternatives, which is undoubtedly beneficial to the sale of Led High bay products. Customers' need to replace old lighting products will also drive market demand. Led High bay has attracted much attention in the lighting market. Energy...

av xiangruilight — 11 jan 2021 07:12

Introduction Of Led Ufo Lights Manufacturers City Lighting

In the city under night light, the buildings in the central area of ​​the city are more concentrated, forming a group of buildings. The light density of the building group is higher, and the brightness of the light is higher. The landmark buildings of the city are often located in the central area. The lighting of outdoor LED street lamps from Led Ufo Lights Manufacturers ...

av xiangruilight — 10 aug 2020 04:43

Led Ufo Lights Manufacturers Teach You To Buy Street Lights

With the rapid development of the current LED street lamp industry, LED street lamps are favored by many people. A variety of street lamps are seen everywhere in factories, communities, and their own courtyards. Indeed, lamps have a series of advantages, such as no need to lay cables for easy installation, high safety factor for low-voltage operation, and easy use of automatic lighting at ...

av xiangruilight — 25 maj 2020 06:55

Introduction Of Characteristics Of Ufo Led High Bay Lights Housing

What are the attribute characteristics of UFO LED High Bay Lights' shell material: Alec is the attribute characteristic of the shell material;  PVC;  PC;  Plastics;  Ceramics;  Glass;  Crystal;  Stainless steel;  Aluminium alloy;  Aluminium, etc.  Of course, aluminum is better.  Many well-known manufacturers of mining lamp kits are ma...

av xiangruilight — 17 apr 2020 03:16

Stay Away From Unscrupulous Led Flood Light Factory

When purchasing street lamps, buyers often pay more attention to the quality of lamps and spend a lot of thoughts on the style or brightness, thus ignoring the choice of lamp poles.  Also as the main component of street lamps, if the quality of light poles is not good, it will cause many problems and even lay potential safety hazards for the future.  UFO LED High Bay Lights ...

av xiangruilight — 27 mars 2020 02:07

Judgment Factors Of Led Flood Light Factory Life

The life of LED floodlights depends on the life of LED lamps. Today's professional Led Flood Light Factory - Xiangruilight takes you to understand how to detect the life of LED flood light.    The first is to see if the protection level of the cavity protecting the LED lamp beads is high enough; whether the chip junction temperature is within the designed safe ...

av xiangruilight — 10 jan 2020 02:26