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Structural Characteristics Of Medical Three Way Stopcock

The medical Three Way Stopcock is composed of a three-way pipe, a one-way valve and an elastic plug. The upper and side ends of the three-way pipe are each connected with a one-way valve, and the upper end of the three-way pipe is made of a one-way valve. The side cover of the lower cover and the three-way pipe is provided with a valve upper cover of a one-way valve, and an elastic plug is...

av kristamedicalmould — 14 maj 2020 09:35

Single-Use Medical Three Way Stopcock : What Are The Characteristics?

Features1. Tee is easy to operate, the cock can rotate 360 ° 2. The completely transparent structure increases the safety of the output liquid, which is convenient for observation and exhaustion; 3. The link is firm and easy, there will be no interruption during conversion, no eddy current will be generated and thrombus formation will be reduced; 4. For single use only, reducing t...

av kristamedicalmould — 15 jan 2020 08:43