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LED Holiday Light-Making The Holiday Tradition More Environmentally Friendly

You can make your holiday tradition more environmentally friendly by switching to energy-saving LED Christmas lights.   The energy saving that LED Christmas lights can achieve is worth getting rid of operational incandescent Christmas lights and replacing them with LED lights.   Energy Efficiency of Christmas Lights-Incandescent vs. LED   Over the past hundred years ...

av Bellanhhx — 20 jan 2020 06:42

LED Holiday Light-The Internal Structure Of Holiday Lights Runs

Holiday lights are a great way to understand the flow of electricity. In a simple circuit (including one of an incandescent light bulb), current passes through a closed circuit and flows through the filament, making it bright. The more current flowing through the filament, the hotter it becomes, the brighter it burns, and the faster it burns. If the circuit is disconnected or disconnected,...

av Bellanhhx — 16 jan 2020 04:48