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Plastic Bottle Manufacturer-Cosmetics Packaging Plastic Material Category

1. AS: Hardness is not high, it is brittle (a crisp sound when tapped), transparent color, and the blue background color can directly contact with cosmetics and food. In ordinary emulsion bottles, vacuum bottles are generally bottle The material (Material) can also be used to make small-capacity cream bottles. The quality of the lipstick tube hose and the manufacturer are different. There ...

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Plastic Bottle Manufacturer -Round Bottom: Related Matters

1. Mathematical point of view, saving costs. When the circumference is fixed, the area of the circle is the largest, and nearby circles can save raw materials. This is also the first reason to promote this circle. 2. Aesthetic perspective, lasting ugly. The long-term habit of forming a circle is more aesthetically pleasing. 3. Simple manufacturing angle and process. Whether it's glass or ...

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