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The internal gear pump is extremely flexible. Although they are usually used for thin liquids (such as solvents and fuel oils), they are good at efficiently pumping thick liquids such as asphalt, chocolate, and binders. The useful viscosity range of     Internal Gear Pumps   is 1cPs to more than 1,000,000cP.   Common internal gear pump applications inclu...

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Leakage Fault Analysis Of Internal Gear Pumps

What are the reasons for the sudden leakage of the internal gear pump during normal operation? The main reasons for the sudden leakage of the internal gear pump during normal operation are: 1, the actual output of the pump is too small, a large number of medium pumps circulate in the pump, heat accumulates, causing the medium to vaporize, leading to seal failure, 2, Evacuation, cavit...

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Internal Gear Pumps-Explanation Of Structural Design Knowledge

In an    Internal Gear Pumps    , a gear with internal teeth meshes with a gear with external teeth. These pumps are available with or without a crescent-shaped diaphragm. Regardless of the direction of rotation of the shaft, designs that provide the same flow direction can be used. The disengagement gear on the inlet side draws liquid into the pump. The mech...

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