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Fixed Vane Pumps -Note On Starting Vane Pump

1. Before starting the pump, check the inlet, outlet and steering. The direction of rotation of the pump should be consistent with the direction indicated on the product label. 2. Before the initial start-up, the pump casing should be filled with oil (through the drain port), and the coupling should be turned by hand. It should feel even and flexible when rotating. When starting for the fi...

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Fixed Vane Pumps -Hydraulic Fixed Displacement Pump: Choose To Use

Proper selection and operation of the pump will have a significant impact on the overall performance, operating efficiency and operating costs of the system. In all pump types, you will hear "Pumps do not suck or pump." Although pumps come in a variety of shapes and sizes and different operating mechanisms, they can all do one thing-generate flow by transferring mechanical energy to the ...

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The Working Principle Of A Fixed Vane Pumps

The inner surface of the stator is composed of two large arcs, small arcs and four transition curves (1,2,3,4). The stator and the rotor are concentric. The four oil distribution windows on the oil distribution pan communicate with the suction and pressure ports respectively.   When the rotor rotates clockwise, the blade embedded in the rotor slot (which can be flexibly slid) is unde...

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