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Hydraulic Vane Pumps: What Are The Structure Types

In vane pumps, slotted rotors splined to the drive shaft rotate between tightly fitted side plates inside oval or circular rings. The polished, hardened blades slide into and out of the rotor slots and follow a circular profile under the action of centrifugal force. An oil pumping cavity is formed between subsequent blades to transport oil from the inlet to the outlet. As the spacing betwee...

av Cassidyvanepump — 23 mars 2020 06:57

Improper Use Of Hydraulic Vane Pumps: 6 Things

(1) Incorrect installation of the vane pump coupling: Because the coupling gap between the coupling and the shaft is too small or no gap, the bearing will be injured when it is struck hard, resulting in early damage to the bearing and affecting the life of the entire pump core. In addition, if the coupling is installed without a certain axial clearance, the pump is directly and rigidly ins...

av Cassidyvanepump — 9 mars 2020 06:21