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Structural Material Of LED Light Chain

1. LED light chain uses imported chip-packaged light-emitting diodes as the light source;2. The design of the LED light chain's light angle is large, the half-angle angle is> 120 degrees, the color is mixed evenly, and there is no color spot;3. The LED light chain uses the LED constant voltage power supply method. The circuit is designed as a constant current loop and the working perf...

av Bellanhhx — 24 mars 2020 10:23

Working Characteristics And Application Effects Of LED Light Chain

When the    LED Light Chain    uses imported chips to package light-emitting diodes with the same color as the black body, we will call the absolute temperature of the black body at that time the color temperature of the light source. The color temperature is in the middle of 3000--6000K. People have no obvious visual psychological effect in this color tone, ...

av Bellanhhx — 10 mars 2020 10:09