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PU Notebook-Custom Craft For Leather Notebook

There are many types of notebooks, divided by cover materials, such as leather, imitation leather PU, leather, PP, cloth and metal. They are divided according to the way of gift notebook binding: paperback, lock-lined plastic binding; loose-leaf; coil book; plastic bound book.   Custom leather notebook size understanding: Before you customize a notebook, you must know how big your c...

av Oskarchinesestationery — 18 mars 2020 09:06

PU Notebook-About Leather Notebook Production

Leather notebooks are made of different materials, and people will have different enjoyment when using them. Of course, some will be more expensive and some will be cheaper. Of course it will be more expensive if it is leather, but it will be more comfortable to use. After choosing which cover material to use, you can make it. Of course, the process of customizing the cover of leather note...

av Oskarchinesestationery — 11 mars 2020 08:26