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Geotextile reinforcement method

Widely used in geotechnical engineering such as water conservancy, electric power, mines, highways and railways: filter materials for soil separation; drainage materials for beneficiation of mines and mines; drainage materials for foundations of high-rise buildings; anti-scouring materials for river dams and slope protection; 1. Reinforcement materials for airport runway foundations, reinforcem...

av Richarder — 21 maj 2020 11:36

Installation Guide Of Geogrid

Tai’an Taidong Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. give some professional advice on the installation process of geogrid. 1. Mechanical Laying Install the entire roll of geogrid on the rewinding frame front of the tractor. Move the tractor forward to form sure the polyester geogrid factory price is sticking straight to the road surfaces. Use the sunshine roller with rubber wheel to roll 1-2 t...

av Richarder — 11 mars 2020 09:25