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Automobile Press Parts Welding Knowledge Introduction

The welding of connecting pieces generally adopts the installation process of "embedded parts+connecting plate+stainless steel pendant" or "embedded parts+connecting plate+steel keel+stainless steel pendant" to fix stone.  The embedded parts have been completed during the structural construction.  It is particularly important to ensure the welding quality of embedded parts, conn...

av xinghui — 31 mars 2020 02:53

Energy-saving Development Of Automobile Press Parts

At present, there is also a great demand for large and medium-sized plastic molds for internal and external accessories. China's automobile and motorcycle industries are developing rapidly, with a market capacity of more than 70 billion yuan per year. However, the manufacturing capacity of large-scale precision molds in China is difficult to meet the demand.  Next, NBSTARLITE, a prof...

av xinghui — 26 mars 2020 03:04

The Main Material Of Automobile Press Parts

Plastic is gradually taking a dominant position in Automobile Press Parts. Plastic can be processed and formed at one time, with short processing time and guaranteed accuracy.  The elastic deformation characteristics of plastic products can absorb a large amount of collision energy, have a large buffer effect on strong impact, and play a protective role on vehicles and passengers. &...

av xinghui — 24 mars 2020 02:29

Painting Of Automobile Press Parts

Stamping parts for automobiles generally refer to metal shells of automobiles, which are usually made of steel plates. On the basis of ensuring certain strength, minimizing weight is the basic requirement for them.  In addition to protecting and beautifying, stamping parts for automobiles are also the main carriers for automobiles to bear gas resistance.  Therefore, the quality a...

av xinghui — 19 mars 2020 03:18

Introduction To Welding Technology Of Welding Parts Suppliers

Capacitor discharge stud welding is a mature technology that has been used for more than 50 years. The wide range of uses and applications appeals to those seeking a fast, simple and versatile process. As a professional Welding Parts Suppliers, today nbstarlite will introduce the technology of capacitor discharge stud welding. Laser welding uses an ignition tip formed at the end of the ...

av xinghui — 12 mars 2020 03:45