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Medical Mould-3 Types Of Steel, Suitable For Plastic Moulds

(1) Steel for structural partsThere are many structural parts in plastic moulds, such as mould bases and spacers. Carbon cable structural steel is generally used. q235a is a cheaper steel, which can be used for injection mould moving, fixed mould base, pad and plate. 45 steel is a widely used material, which can be used for push rod fixing plates, side slider guides, si...

av kristamedicalmould — 30 mars 2020 10:15

Medical Mould-Benefits Of Using An Umbilical Clipper

The umbilical cord clipper is specially designed for placental umbilical cord cutting in the birth canal or cesarean section. It belongs to medical plastic products. Application Features: 1. Easy operation, replacing traditional multi-step operation process 2. Safe and reliable disposable devices to avoid cross infection 3. There is no danger of blood splatter, which avoids the risk ...

av kristamedicalmould — 16 mars 2020 10:12