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Why The HDPE Geomembrane Are Wide won't to Aquaculture

The main reason is that the top quality HDPE geomembrane has no toxicity can enhance the water internal control and environmental protection, and may be utilized in the sun. it's the function of cleaning and disinfection and may control the dissolved oxygen content. Build the foremost basic requirement of the pond is that the flat bottom, choose high strength HDPE geomembrane manufacturers bec...

av Richarder — 26 mars 2020 11:18

Black And Green Geomembrane

Black and green geomembrane is also called black and green double color geomembrane, black and green geomembrane is a new type of anti-seepage film with one side as black and one side as green, black and green anti-seepage film is generally made of high-density polyethylene particles (HDPE) through three layers of co-extrusion blow molding production. The black and green geomembrane made by HDP...

av Richarder — 24 mars 2020 10:38