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Introduce in detail how to buy geotextile

It is now widely used, leading to fierce competition in the geotextile market. Facing such a fierce market environment, how can we better choose wholesale polyester nonwoven geotextile as a consumer? Can we judge good or bad quality according to the price of geotextile? The following is a detailed introduction to the methods and methods of purchasing high-quality geotextiles. I hope to help you...

av Richarder — 13 maj 2020 14:07

Precautions for seams of composite waterproof geotextile

Waterproof geotextile is used as the protective layer of the geomembrane to protect the impervious layer from damage. In order to reduce ultraviolet radiation and increase anti-aging performance, it is best to use the buried method. The joint processing of composite wholesale polyester nonwoven geotextile is the key procedure of the construction, which directly affects the operating life of th...

av Richarder — 1 apr 2020 12:07