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How To Remove Burrs From China Mechanical Parts

Burr-People who have fought hard in China Mechanical Parts industry must be familiar with it. It is ubiquitous in the processing of mechanical parts in China. No matter how advanced and precise equipment you use, it will be born with the products.  The so-called burr is mainly a kind of redundant scrap iron generated at the processing edge of the processed material due to the pl...

av xinghui — 14 apr 2020 03:13

China Mechanical Parts Inspection Introduction

The inspection method of China Mechanical Parts is an important method to ensure the quality of finished products and high qualified rate. Operators of Chinese mechanical parts manufacturing enterprises generally have to master how to carry out inspection. Sensory inspection is divided into visual inspection and touch inspection, polishing inspection is divided into oilstone polis...

av xinghui — 7 apr 2020 03:12

Nbstarlite China Mechanical Parts Will Not Disappointe

Advantages and Characteristics of Automobile Press Parts; 1. Easy to recycle Auto stamping parts use recyclable materials to reduce material types and facilitate recycling. 2, reduce the car weight Plastic materials of automobile stamping parts replace metal materials to reduce vehicle weight, save fuel and consumption. 3, the use of new materials Some new materials, such as LEF...

av xinghui — 2 apr 2020 03:24