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Vane Pumps: An Important Part Of Air Travel

The vane pump is usually used as a high-pressure hydraulic pump for automobiles, which can perform braking, boosting, air conditioning and automatic transmission. Although there are also mid-range pressure pumps for soft drink dispensers and espresso machines.In other words, these pumps have also become an important part of air travel. Without them, today's modern aircraft will not be able...

av Cassidyvanepump — 20 apr 2020 07:54

Working Principle Of Double Vane Pumps

The double vane pump is composed of two pumps with the same displacement or two different displacements. The two pumps share an oil suction port and are connected by an intermediate body. There are two oil outlets, which are respectively covered by the front cover. It is separated from the back cover and driven by a core shaft. Although the dual pumps are connected together, the front and ...

av Cassidyvanepump — 2 apr 2020 05:59