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What kind of precautions will be taken during the installation of geotextile

As an environmentally friendly material, it is basically used in many places in real life. In the actual installation process, there will be various precautions. Many people think that they will be better used in some penetration prevention or anti-corrosion projects. What should be paid attention to when installing geotextile? 1. During the installation of high quality gravel geocell, it is n...

av Richarder — 11 maj 2020 13:44

Matters needing attention in the construction of composite geomembrane

The following are the construction considerations for composite high quality gravel geocell (1) Use must be embedded: the thickness of the cover should not be less than 30cm. (2) The renovated anti-seepage system should be composed of cushion layer, anti-seepage layer, transition layer and protective layer. (3) The soil should be firm to avoid uneven settlement and cracks, and the turf and tr...

av Richarder — 8 maj 2020 11:46