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Scientific Maintenance Of Piggyback Knapsack Fertilizer Machine

    The metal seeding tube of the Manual Corn Seeder should be removed. Keep it indoors so as not to deform it. Relax the opener expansion spring. The rubber seeding tube needs to be removed. Dry and sunless place. The disc opener must be decomposed, cleaned with diesel oil and reassembled and filled with oil. The inner and outer surfaces of the disc are coated with waste ...

av luhongxiang — 3 jun 2020 04:03

Introduction Of Common Failures Of Manual Corn Seeder

With the continuous development of agricultural technology, various agricultural equipment plays an important role in providing farming efficiency and increasing the yield of crops. The Manual Corn Seeder is an indispensable machine in agricultural machinery, with easy angle adjustment, wide range of support, and adaptability Strong and other characteristics. The manual corn plant...

av luhongxiang — 13 maj 2020 05:13