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How to lay geomembrane in order to achieve good results in windy environment

When laying in a windy environment, how can it be laid to achieve good results in a windy environment, and how can it be laid flat in a windy environment? Now find several methods for you in practice: Geotextiles should be stored, transported and handled before laying. Geotextile rolls should be avoided and inspected for damage before installation and deployment. Geotextile rolls should be sta...

av Richarder — 26 maj 2020 15:25

One function of geotextile is that filtering is usually used to control pollution

Geotextile is a new type of construction material used to control earthwork in construction or pollution control projects, protect slopes, etc. It is usually composed of polyester or polypropylene, and its preparation method is divided into needle punching, weaving, non-woven fabric or thermal bonding according to its application. GCL geosynthetic clay liner factory price is very durable and ha...

av Richarder — 14 maj 2020 13:15