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What Are The Advantages Of Reaming Bit Construction

1. Construction safety. Compared with other anti-well construction methods, during the construction of the Reaming Bit, the worker does not need to enter the work surface for drilling, charging and temporary support operations. The workers are all in the upper part of the environment and safety conditions. No longer be hurt by falling stones, water spray, and harmful gases, avoiding the ...

av kaiqiudrilling — 19 jun 2020 04:00

Reasons For The Wear Of The Reaming Bit

When the Reaming Bit is adjusted correctly without catastrophic processing failures, the low production efficiency caused by frequent drill changes is unacceptable. Through inspection, it was found that the back drilling surface of the cutting edge of the drilling tool was excessively worn. However, excessive or rapid wear of the back drill face can be misdiagnosed. Generally, exces...

av kaiqiudrilling — 12 jun 2020 03:07

Use Of Reaming Bit

    Reaming drills are generally used for semi-finishing or final machining of holes, for pre-machining before grinding or grinding, or for expansion of blank holes. There are 3 to 4 land bands, no transverse edges, and cutting edges along the cutting edges The change is small, the guiding effect during processing is good, the axial resistance is small, and the cutting conditions...

av kaiqiudrilling — 5 jun 2020 04:26