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Hardening Of China Fasteners

The so-called Full Threaded Stud hardening refers to the hardening of the screws required by the customer. Hardening is what we often call heat treatment. The need to harden means to heat the screws.   Screw hardening is also called quenching. Quenching can increase the hardness, but the screw needs toughness, high tensile strength, and does not require high hardness. Theref...

av weigaofasteners — 28 jul 2020 03:47

The Tightening Degree Of China Fasteners

Many people will screw the Full Threaded Stud until they can't be screwed when fixing the mechanical equipment. Is this way okay? Not exactly. Then some people say that Full Threaded Stud is pulled back half a turn after tightening, so as to make it more tight. Is this statement correct? Is there any scientific basis? In fact, many believers in life will think so. Where is the scien...

av weigaofasteners — 14 jul 2020 04:25