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The Use Of China Fasteners Suppliers Bolts

   When the valve is assembled, the tightening degree and sequence of Hexagon Socket Head Bolt have a direct impact on the quality of its assembly. The anti-slip coefficient of high-strength bolts is easier for the tightening of general bolts, as long as the connecting parts are not loose. However, when tightening the bolts of the gasket and packing structure, they s...

av weigaofasteners — 1 sep 2020 04:29

The Reason Why China Fasteners Suppliers Cannot Be Screwed

1. China Fasteners Suppliers introduces that you can use a hammer or other tools to lightly hit the severely rusted screw on the handle of the wrench, shake off the rusted screw teeth, and then tighten it; 2. For screws that are not severely rusted, a small amount of engine oil or vegetable oil can be dropped along the screw gap, and the screws can be easily unscrewed with the h...

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Installation Method Of China Custom Bolt Wholesaler

1, China Custom Bolt Wholesaler's steel structure bolt penetration direction is subject to convenient construction, and each node should be neat and consistent. After inserting the high-strength bolts and tightening them with a wrench, remove the temporary bolts and replace them with high-strength bolts. 2. The tightening of high-strength bolts must be done twice. The first time is the...

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Product Introduction Of China Custom Bolt Wholesaler

   Although Hexagon Socket Head Bolt is a kind of bolt, there is no fixed standard. It mainly depends on the actual application. The national standard head size of some bolts is 8, while the high-strength hexagon bolt may be 7 or even It may be 10. Therefore, all aspects of the national standard bolt length dimension, tolerance range, high-strength hexagonal bolt manufact...

av weigaofasteners — 12 aug 2020 04:22