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Progressive Windfoil

TAAROA's progressive windfoils are rigid, stable, and fast, and can be customized to riders' needs, ideal for all disciplines of windfoiling. Using durable and performance-oriented materials such as Carbon UHM, Carbon HR, aluminum and titanium, our windfoils are designed with ease of use and modularity in mind. As you learn and progress, you can easily add and change different components of y...

av kitefoilwithtitaniumfuselage — 31 aug 2020 07:50

Shop IKA kitefoil at the TAAROA website.

Bring your kite foiling experience to the next level with the SWORD, an IKA Kitefoil by TAAROA The SWORD is a racing foil that combines accessibility and elite performance, extreme rigidity and power to push one's limits. It is the fastest and most powerful foil in TAAROA's history. Its sophisticated design, innovative technology, and iconic, performance-oriented shape make it a unique master...

av kitefoilwithtitaniumfuselage — 12 aug 2020 10:57