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Quality Introduction Of Dye Sublimation Paper

Use special dye sublimation paper ink to print various patterns on a special kind of paper, and then transfer the patterns to the product through temperature and pressure. This special paper in the thermal transfer process is called dye sublimation paper. Transfer printing refers to the printing process in which dyes are transferred to fabrics via transfer paper.  The fast drying spee...

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The Upper Temperature Limit Of Dye Sublimation Paper

The button of dye sublimation paper sets the maximum temperature. The highest temperature baking time: Press the mode setting key for the third time, the time indicator is on, press the plus or minus key to set the highest temperature baking time. To be executed: Press the mode setting key for the fourth time, and the machine enters the waiting state. Note: The initial temperature s...

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Easy Care Of A4 Sublimation Paper

dye sublimation paper is actually paper, not vinyl! You only need a small desktop printer, like many laser or inkjet printers in home offices. Common brands that work well include: OKI, Samsung, Canon, Brother and Epson. Now that you know what equipment is needed to use thermal transfer paper, let's talk about the benefits! As you already know, a cheap laser or inkjet printer is...

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Three Elements Of A4 Sublimation Paper Work

Although many heat transfer products are produced by machine numerical control, some also need to manually hot stamp the material on the substrate during the heat transfer process. During the heat transfer process, due to moisture, temperature, and weather, problems may occur during the heat transfer process. Don't panic, these heat transfer products are not the problem? So the problem i...

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A4 Sublimation Paper Works Well

A4 sublimation paper after high temperature hot stamping is not deformed, non-degumming, non-fading, easy to engrave, easy to cut, and easy to discharge are the characteristics of the lettering film; different series of lettering printing films have different appearance effects, for example: glitter lettering film In order to contain glittering gold powder, it has the characteristics ...

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