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Nuevos Productos Batería Para NOKIA BV-T3G

Batería para NOKIA BV-T3G 1 año de garantía, 30 días de devolución de dinero, 100% nuevo. 30% de descuento en todos los productos! Garantía: ¡12 meses! Protección contra cortocircuitos Cumple con el medioambiente según los estándares europeos de RoHS. Todos nuestros productos están certificados con Certificado CE...

av BoRinne — 8 maj 2018 04:03

How Do I Choose a Battery?

Given the wide range of actuators and electronics which go into a robot, choosing the right battery may not be an easy task. This article guides you through the thought processes involved in choosing one or more batteries for your robot. Even if you are just starting in robotics, you may have already realized that the components you want to use don’t all operate at the same voltage. If y...

av BoRinne — 10 maj 2017 04:24

Electricity and Battery Basics

What is a battery? A battery is simply a‘chemical machine’designed to store electrical energy. The 7.4v lipo battery 5000mah is generally taken to mean two or more individual electric cells. There are two basic types of cell; primary and secondary. Primary cells, such as ordinary ‘dry’ cells, are not rechargeable and must be discarded when exhausted. Secondary cell...

av michaelclark — 11 mars 2016 04:03